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3633 views LOL
  NeillyJQ, Dec 30 2012

just wanted to spend yesterday saying a real "goodbye" and fuck off to every single one of you fucking pencil pushing nerdy fucks.

so yah - if you didn't figure that out yesterday

fuck you fuck you fuck you, and, fuck you.


User was banned for this post.

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  NeillyJQ, Dec 29 2012

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GoodBye LP
  NeillyJQ, Dec 20 2012

Props to the ones I like @ LP and the ones that help on hand histories.

Cynical douchebaggery never ends.

I've been playing over a year paying tens of thousands of debts with no respect, I'm the BEST MTTer that comes to the forums, and I stirr the forums up when they are boring.

Yet, its constant shit from 93.33% of you?

you guys can go fuck yourselves, n hope when you MTT, that you're not at my table.

This is my official GoodBye to LP.

This sites sucked for like 3 years, Stroggoz, TalentedTom and like 2 other people are the only ones worth listening to.

Ego-driven retards everywhere else, derailing everything, having no life, jabbin at people with a future.

Guess what?

95% of you at LP have no future at all in poker, where 92% of you think you do.

Its a case of, you guys suck so bad, you want to berate others to make yourselves feel better, but guess what? You guys only feel better for 2 seconds, I feel good for life.

LP gets in the way of my grind anyways.

so ya, my official FUCK YOU, Good Bye.

Thanks for teaching me like 5 years ago

Was fun fucking around with you nits on the forums, but well, no exceptions, if i hate 93% of you, i just hate you all

Cya @ the felt niggas.

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